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Unearthing Los Angeles’ Topmost Places To Explore Nature

Unearthing Los Angeles’ Topmost Places To Explore Nature

View Of Griffith Park

Los Angeles has always been associated with glittering Hollywood and famous celebrities; however, the place has a lot much to offer as there is a dazzling array of spots that offer great chance to explore nature. So, one should always come prepared to explore this aspect of LA as well. Here are some of the topmost ways to explore the natural setting in LA.

Whale Watching

Whale watching has always been among the best ways of exploring nature. The fun of exploring the uncharted territories and coming across some of the beautiful whales is simply unsurpassed. One could always exercise the option of embarking upon whale watching excursions in order to get a great insight into various varieties of whales in LA. Moreover, with experienced guides by their side, people are sure to witness some great sea creatures including playful dolphins, which are a hit among the kids.

El Matador State Beach

El Matador State Beach makes up for a perfect spot for clicking unforgettable photographs. The beauty of the places is mind-boggling. However, one must plan in such a manner that they hit the beach during low tide, as it is an ideal spot at that time for bird watching. Kids love to play with sand, and have fun in the tide pool. Moreover, one could also explore the caves here. So, the beach offers a perfect chance of connecting with nature.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum spans 127 acres of area and is equally appealing to both kids and adults. Some of the amazing characteristics of the garden include countless flowers and plants, a pond, a waterfall, numerous grassy lawns, and a massive willow sculpture. Moreover, there is a great variety of wildlife as well including ducks, peacocks, turtles, and other attractive creatures like migratory waterfowl.

Will Rogers State Historic Park

Will Rogers State Historic Park is famous for offering great inspiration loop that extends 3 miles. It is a perfect trail to be hiked along with one’s family as the difficulty level is not much. Moreover, one gets sweeping views of the downtown from the top. Further, the area around Ranch House is loved by kids, since it is ideal for running and playing.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park spreads in 4210 acres of area, and is United States largest Municipal Park in terms of the urban wilderness area. The park offers incredible views of the surroundings, and there are countless hiking trails as well; however, there is so much to do for tourists besides hiking the trails, since they could visit a number of other places including the Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles Zoo, Travel Town, etc. And, kids always love the pony rides.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is a perfect spot for hiking and enjoying the picnic. The experience of wandering aimlessly amidst the towering oaks is quite enchanting and otherworldly. Visitors simply love the natural setting here, as there is a hassle free access to wild spaces here. Moreover, there are a number of beaches, tide pools, waterfalls, and bird watching areas, to name a few.

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