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Top Class Hotels In Los Angeles Providing Grand Experience

Top Class Hotels In Los Angeles Providing Grand Experience

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Los Angeles is buzz with activity all the time as the place is teeming with tourists. Moreover, with the proliferation of tourists, the competition between the local people increases since everyone wants to attract the tourists to them. This craze to reach perfection augurs well for everyone, both local residents as well as the tourists. And, effects of this positive competition could also be seen in the way hotels in Los Angeles have become the embodiment of quality and class, providing majestic experience to people. Here is a list of some of the best hotels in Los Angeles.

The Line

The Line has always been in news since its inception two years back. There are talks about the great façade of the building, including the retro-styled rooms designed by the perfectionists Jonnie and Mark Houston. Tourists are greatly intrigued by the exceptional features and artwork at the hotel excellently designed graphic wallpaper, shag throw rugs, freestanding Malm fireplaces, to name but a few. On the top of it, the restaurant inside the hotel, called ‘Commissary’ serves ultimate veggie food. And, there is another restaurant ‘Pot’ that brings Korean flavour to people by presenting them dishes like spicy chicken wings, uni dynamite rice, to name a few.

Shore Hotel

Shore Hotel in Santa Monica is LEED Gold Certified hotel that boasts of providing eco-friendly modern facilities to the visitors. And, true to its claim visitors are intrigued to locate that all the modern amenities from upholstery to pool heating system are all eco-friendly.

Sixty Beverly Hills

The ultra-modern facilities at Sixty Beverly Hills include well-furnished rooms with marble bathrooms, Sferra linens, hardwood floors, well-stocked mini-bars, and a gorgeous Swarovski-lined pool that adorns the roof. The posh hotel has always been the most popular hotel among the elites who never miss a chance to stay in the hotel whenever they visit LA.

Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel is one of the prime landmarks in Downtown. The hotel has well-furnished rooms that are equipped with all sorts of modern facilities. And, moreover, the larger rooms also have turntable with classical and popular records. The best part about staying in this hotel is that one is in close proximity to a dazzling array of restaurants, markets, and entertainment complexes. So, visitors could exercise a number of options, like they could visit Ace’s wonderful theatre to watch comedy shows, band performances, or movie screening, or they could visit the restaurants to taste the culinary delights of LA. There is also a dazzling rooftop bar that is located upstairs, and is named ‘Upstairs’ too, where people could drink as well as enjoy art installations, DJs, etc.

Sunset Marquis

Sunset Marquis has been delighting the tourists for more than half a century now by offering them breathtaking views of the sunset. Moreover, the hotel got completely renovated two years back and now contains villas and swanky suites that are completely stocked with all the modern amenities that one could imagine.

Beach House Hotel

Beach House Hotel epitomizes luxury and style transporting people to the other world by providing them startling views of the ocean from the balconies. And then, there are the fireplaces that provide smug, cosy and relaxed ambience to the tourists.

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