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The Exceptional Way Of Spending A Day In Los Angeles

The Exceptional Way Of Spending A Day In Los Angeles

View Of Marina Del Rey

Los Angeles is a happening place that is full of amazing opportunities for people. While there is no dearth of some beautiful beaches, people find it easy to locate a number of entertainment options as well. So, here is one of the exceptional ways of spending a day in LA.

Daybreaker Morning Dance Party

This morning dance party is befittingly named since it drives people out of their beds as early as 5:30 in the morning. It does sound incredible but is actually true. People could be seen spilled over on a number of beaches in LA performing yoga, which is accompanied with a high-intensity frenzied dance parties. Local artists completely mesmerize the visitors with their scintillating dance and musical performances. All in all, it provides a vibrant and energetic start to a day.

Santa Anita Racetrack

The thrilling start to the day is further heightened by visiting Santa Anita Racetrack as one savours the perfect breakfast menu while enjoying the trainers and their horses on the track.

Marina Del Rey

People could then visit Marina Del Rey in order to have the thrilling experience of parasailing around 800ft above water. The incredible view of Santa Monica Pier is simply mind-boggling.


LA has a beautiful river that provides one the chance of experiencing some of the breathtaking picturesque views of the city. One could enjoy kayaking in the river and enjoy the tranquil and soothing atmosphere.


Wi Spa in Koreatown is a perfect place for getting the ultimate refreshing experience. One could enjoy the massages, scrubs, and sauna here and completely reinvigorate themselves.

Six Taste Food Tours

Well, in order to learn more about the various varieties of restaurants in LA one could embark upon the Six Taste Food Tours, which gives one a chance to savour the beautiful dishes from all over the world.

Echo Park Lake

People who love to commune with nature find paddling through the Echo Park Lake as a completely relaxing experience. They find some moments of deep contemplation.

Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel is worth visiting for its Upstairs Bar that offers great opportunity of experiencing breathtaking views of the city. Moreover, there is a great variety of cocktails as well along with this. People are invariably enchanted by the pool as well as the Moroccan-styled chairs there. Apart from this, there are always some sorts of unique events that are accompanies with some best live music.

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour is worth taking for people since they are going to be transformed after experiencing the spectacular views of the Downtown and Hollywood. People are definitely going to relish these memories forever in their life.

Exploring Galleries

People could head towards the art galleries in the town in order to elevate themselves by seeing some of the incredible artworks. Moreover, there is the monthly ‘Art Walk’ that displays the best artistic works of the local artists here.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks are the best option for having a quick and fulfilling meal. There are dozens of food trucks parked on LA’s streets.

Horseback Ride

One could enjoy their evenings by saddling up for horseback ride in order to be a witness to the spectacular views of the sunset in LA.

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