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Stunning Spots In Los Angeles And Its Vicinity That Offer Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

Stunning Spots In Los Angeles And Its Vicinity That Offer Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

Picture Of Wayfarers Chapel

There is no dearth of scintillating spots in Los Angeles that offer thoroughly rejuvenating experience. However, over a period of time, the number of people visiting these spots has swelled dramatically. So, people are always looking to explore other options of refreshing their minds. And, thankfully, there is no dearth of such secret locations that offer truly magnetic and breathtaking views of the surroundings. Some of these less frequently visited yet truly stimulating spots are included here.

Los Angeles River Center And Gardens

Los Angeles River Center and Gardens located in Cypress Park simply transport a person to the other world, where they get into a trance and are lost in contemplation. Such is the overpowering aura of this place that people prefer to keep silent upon entering the garden so as not to disturb the soothing calmness of the place. Though, the spot is used for private events at times, still, it is unoccupied and open to public for a major part of the year.

Malibu Hindu Temple

The stacked entryway and marble covered worship interiors give a magnetic charm to Malibu Hindu Temple. People are straightaway inspired by the tranquil surroundings and calm that they experience here.


Lotusland in Santa Barbara is an ultimate spot where one could find immense inner peace. It is quite marvellous to see and notice how the effort of a single person could lead to the creation of such awe-inspiring place, which overpowers everyone entering the garden. Ganna Walska, a Polish opera singer is the person whose efforts helped in the creation of this garden. One could find a dazzling array of flowers, themed cactus gardens, and Japanese pools here.

Wayfarers Chapel

Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes is exactly like the glass-panelled chapel that one has come across since their childhood in various fairy tales. The chapel has come up due to the efforts of Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th century spiritualist. People gather to perform services here every Sunday. The scene of the sunset when light gets reflected off the glass is simply unsurpassed.

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

Most of the people might have been to Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Los Feliz; however, not all of them would have gone till Barnsdall Art Park, which abounds in galleries, city views, and art classes. It is small, yet well-curated gallery space. Moreover, the adjacent Hollyhock house of Frank Lloyd Wright is a great architectural site to visit as well.

Carlsbad Ranch

The beautiful and soothing flowers fields covering Carlsbad Ranch offer amazingly refreshing experience, besides providing a welcome delight to the eyes that are accustomed to seeing the asphalt gray sites spread all over Los Angeles. The aromatic flowers here leave a person completely spellbound.

Paramount Ranch

Paramount Ranch spans over 2400 acre of area and is located between Malibu and Santa Monica. The forest groves and rolling hills provide a great exotic experience. Furthermore, the scenic hike here snakes through the idyllic surroundings and offers great respite to the people from their daily mundane life. This is the reason why this place has been a great escape location for many people in Los Angeles.

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