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Stunning Places To Cabin In The Vicinity Of Los Angeles

Stunning Places To Cabin In The Vicinity Of Los Angeles

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People are always enchanted by the scintillating and spellbinding beauty of Los Angeles, and they always find themselves riveted to the city. There is a multitude of options to spend quality time in LA and this is the reason people love to visit this place again and again. However, when most people simply head towards the posh hotels there is a dazzling array of options to cabin as well. Here are some of the best spots to cabin in the vicinity of Los Angeles.

Big Bear Cool Cabins

Big Bear Cool Cabins is located near Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead. It is a soothing spot that is adorned with all sorts of facilities for the visitors including Wi-Fi, foosball, full kitchens, flat-screen televisions, Ping-pong tables, fireplaces, DVD players, BBQ, decks, and hot tubs, to name a few. It is a great place to cabin as visitors are completely invigorated after visiting the spot.

Castle Wood Cottages

Castle Wood Cottages are located near Big Bear Lake. There are a dozen stand-alone cabins and every cabin has a zany theme, since one could see the scene and theme centred on King Arthur, or then, there are other themes which are based upon the natural and scenic beauties. Moreover, all the cabins have a number of facilities including Jacuzzis, wood-burning fireplaces, heated pool, coffee makers that are there in the room itself, etc.

Sleepy Hollow Cabins

Sleepy Hollow Cabins are located in Crestline, which is the first town one comes across on their way to Lake Arrowhead. The place is serene and offers a great mountain escape. The cabins here are spectacular and one is greatly impressed upon seeing them. Living inside the cabin is a grand feeling as well. Moreover, apart from feeling great one feels relaxed and refreshed after having stayed here. Visitors have access to hot tubs, full kitchens, and a pool. Moreover, there are other things as well including free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, decks, picnic area along with BBQ, and fireplaces.

The Desert Lily

The Desert Lily is a real oasis located near the Joshua Tree National Park. It is situated amidst scenic and tranquil San Jacinto Highlands, and is spectacularly decorated by talented local artists. There are four homestead cabins that are all renovated. One could locate rustic hot tubs as well as hammocks in each of the cabin. Moreover, the visitors are also provided with wood stoves, TVs, etc. And, moreover, there are fully stocked baths and kitchens, along with stunning patios.

Mt. Baldy Lodge

Mt. Baldy Lodge is a place in Mt. Baldy that offers a perfect experience of picnicking. It is situated amidst dense forests and is a perfect spot to get back one’s energy after spending years leading a frenzied life in the city. It is a 1950 era lodge that is now provided with a number of facilities to the visitors including a huge pool, pool table, free Wi-Fi, a dive restaurant/ bar. The intriguing part is that people need to bring their own wood that they use for the fireplaces. However, they are offered scrumptious homemade cinnamon buns, but only at breakfast.

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