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Spectacular Hikes In LA Offering Great Rewards

Spectacular Hikes In LA Offering Great Rewards

View Of Malibu Creek State Park

Los Angeles has always cast a spell over the people worldwide by being home to Hollywood. People are always motivated to visit LA in order to have a glimpse of their favourite celebrities. The ornately designed spectacular homes of the celebrities never fail to mesmerize the tourists. However, besides the glittering night life and countless number of casinos here, there are some great hikes that offer great rewards to the visitors. These hikes offer a chance to breathe in fresh air and do some necessary workout. Moreover, some of the hikes offer a chance to experience breathtaking views of the surroundings. So, some of these greatly rewarding hikes are listed here.

Malibu Creek State Park

Malibu Creek State Park is one of the most frequently visited hikes in LA, since people get a chance to see some of the rusty relics here that were a part of some great movies. In fact, the hike is greatly popular among filmmakers, and thus, one could spot some of their favourite celebrities here. Tourists simply love to click photographs of the popular sites that have been captured by the filmmakers as well. Besides, one gets stunning views of the surroundings as well.

Echo Mountain

Echo Mountain has always been liked by those who are looking for some adventurous and challenging hike. The slope is steep and with little shade; however, the trail is well-maintained and offers some magical views of LA.

Wildwood Canyon

The best thing about Wildwood Canyon is that the difficulty of hike grows from easy to moderate. It is a two mile loop actually that provides visitors a chance to experience breathtaking views of city from the peak. There is an unmistakable reclining chair at the top too. Moreover, there are plenty of picnic grounds as well as restrooms for visitors. The trail also offers great opportunities to capture photos as well.

Eaton Canyon

Eaton Canyon hike is suitable for novices as one gets to a height of 375 feet at the end. Besides, the round trip covers around three mile only, and the trail is full of shaded paths. However, the hike takes one to a waterfall at the top.

Solstice Canyon

Solstice Canyon is another popular hike that offers visitors a chance to see some of the amazing falls, remains of a building believed to be the oldest in Malibu before destruction, and a chimney of a mansion that used to belong to Paul R. Williams.

Mt. Baldy

Mt. Baldy is one of the greatest locations in LA, and the best way to reach at the top is via the Moonlight Hikes. These hikes take one to a height of 1300 feet, and provide sparkling views of lights in the city.

Mt. Wilson

Getting to Mt. Wilson is also rewarding as one reaches the Observatory finally. The trail is beautiful but challenging. One could easily replenish themselves by eating at the snack shack located at the Observatory.

So, these are some of the great hikes in LA that not only provide a glimpse into the natural beauty of the mountains but also provide visitors a chance to stay in shape.

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