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Places In LA That Offer Extremely Thrilling Live Music

Places In LA That Offer Extremely Thrilling Live Music

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Whenever visitors visit any place they are looking for ways to enjoy in the best possible manner. And, thankfully, the visitors to LA don’t have to think much about how to spend time since they find a dazzling array of options to spend time. And, in this regard, there is no dearth of spots in LA that offer extremely thrilling live music that absolutely hypnotizes the listeners. So, here are some of the spots where tourists could go in order to regale themselves with some scintillating musical performances.

Indie Rock At The Satellite

Indie Rock at The Satellite has gained immense popularity not only among the locals but also among the people of the nation. The band plays some exhilarating musical numbers that are sure to entice the visitors.

The Echo At The Echo Park

The Echo is a famous spot among the hipsters who yearn to see their favourite stars perform and play the music that they like. Famous bands now like Foster The People played here in the past.

The Bootleg Theater

The Bootleg Theater at Silver Lake is jam-packed, especially on Monday when Grouplove plays here. People are enchanted by the musical numbers like KROQ’s playlist, which is played here.

School Night At Bardot

Chris Douridas, who earlier used to be the host for Morning Becomes Eclectic, performs here zealously. Over the years the place has earned a niche for itself when it comes to performing such buzzy acts as Wolf Alice and Knox Hamilton.

Hard Rock Or Classic Rock By Ultimate Jam Night

The Whiskey a Go Go is suddenly full of excitement and activity as Ultimate Jam Night has taken over. There are ultimate performances here by the talented artist Quiet Roy. Moreover, the band has collaboration with other famed bands like Doobie Brothers and Great White. So, one could expect some great hard rock or classic rock music here.

Soundcheck Live At Lucky Strike Lounge

Ultimate Jam Night used to perform at Lucky Strike Lounge; however, it moved to The Whiskey. The place didn’t witness any void, however, as the talented musicians and artists took over and vowed to regale the audiences with great musical numbers. Artists like Corey Feldman, Avril Lavigne, etc excel in playing excellent hard-rock and classic rock covers. Moreover, they are quite adept in hip-hop and pop music as well. So, people are always overpowered by such great musical performances at Lucky Strike Lounge, even after the departure of Ultimate Jam Night from here. So, the place has never lost its popularity among the people.

Funk/ Soul At Butter’d Up

People are invariably stunned to see such a great combination of artists performing at the Butter’d Up in Mid-Wilshire, as there are a lot of Grammy winners studio musicians here, along with singers from famed ‘The Voice’. So, people are always left awed and surprised to see innovative performances by these people who simply reinvent the classic songs and convert those into attractive retro-soul-style numbers. The whole idea is simply unsurpassed. This is the reason why this spot is always packed with music lovers.

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