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Los Angele’s Topmost Places Offering Magnificent Scenic Views

Los Angele’s Topmost Places Offering Magnificent Scenic Views

View Of Los Angeles

People are mesmerized by the beauty of Los Angeles, and this is the reason why the place is teeming with tourists all the time. The best part is that there are a number of return visitors, which acknowledges the fact that the beauty of the place is eternal. There are a number of good restaurants here that serve the most delicious food. And, apart from the warm hospitality extended by the people, there are some naturally appealing places that never fail to intrigue and stun the tourists. Here are some of the topmost places in LA that offer magnificent scenic views to the visitors that leave them awestruck.

The Bonaventure

The Bonaventure in Downtown offers spectacular views from the top both during the day as well as the night. Moreover, experiencing the ascent of the nifty elevators that are located outside of the buildings is really exhilarating. There is a brewery as well that is located on site.

Malibu Wines

Malibu Wines offers the tourists thoroughly rejuvenating experience as they could enjoy the picnic with their family members by bringing their own food and eating it in the tranquil surroundings. They could also go for hiking as the area is a perfect hiking trail. Moreover, there is a huge variety of wine that is available here. So, tourists could relish in the natural beauty and experience the picturesque views of expansive llama farm.

Ritz-Carlton’s Helipad Yoga

The helipad yoga at Ritz Carlton lives up to its name as it offers the tourists the most sought after relaxation and elevation that they had been yearning for. The unobstructed view from the 55th floor of the building is a site to watch, as one could look as far as down the ocean. The view is incredibly impressive.


EP and LP in West Hollywood is known for offering unparalleled views to the tourists from its rooftop that is situated at a height of 5,500 square feet. One could enjoy the delectable and fresh Asian food including crispy pork that is served along with cilantro, chilli jam, daikan bao, and pickled carrots. Moreover, one could also go for other options including Japanese whisky that is served along with lime zest, cinnamon, cardamom bitters, and ginger.

The Strand House

The Strand House is most popular among the travellers as it offers dazzling views of Manhattan Beach. One could have the pleasure of witnessing one of the best sunsets here while enjoying the scrumptious food including Brussels sprout that are wood-fired are served along with black garlic aioli, charcuterie spread, and a number of wines to choose from.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory continues to enjoy the distinction of being one of the most frequently visited places as people come here to view the fabulous views of the city, especially during the special celebrations including New Years Eve.

San Gabriel Wilderness

San Gabriel Wilderness is a perfect site for the adventurous people who are trying to have exciting experiences. The view of the sunrise amidst the peaks here offers thoroughly elevating and refreshing experience. This is the reason why the place is teeming with tourists.

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