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Los Angeles’ Top Class Restaurants Serving Immaculate Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Los Angeles’ Top Class Restaurants Serving Immaculate Fried Chicken Sandwiches

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Los Angeles is a great spot to visit, especially because of the well-developed culinary scene here. The chefs here strive hard to make sure people get to savour authentic and fresh dishes. The great point is that there is a dazzling array of dishes here, including all types of cuisines. So, people could taste exotic dishes right in Los Angeles. And, the same is the case with fried chicken sandwiches, which are done to perfection by the experienced and innovative chefs. So, here is a list of top class restaurants in Los Angeles that serve amazingly refreshing fried chicken sandwiches.

Plan Check

Plan Check is a famed upscale restaurant in Fairfax and some other locations in Los Angeles. The fried chicken sandwich is done to perfection as one relish the taste of excellently fried and scrumptious Jidori chicken breast that is buttermilk-brined and cold smoked before being coated along with rice flour. Moreover, the dish is further topped with yummy duck breast ham, house-made pickles and spicy green delectable pimento cheese.


EP and LP is an unmistakable spot in West Hollywood that has an extended menu now that includes delicious fried chicken sandwich, which is prepared from delicious ingredients including peppery and crisp fried chicken breast, house mayo, romaine, and buttery and squishy bun. People invariably fall in love with this stunning culinary delight that is defining the culinary scene of LA.

Howlin’ Ray’s

Howlin’ Ray’s is a well known name in Los Angeles since it used to be a food truck earlier in LA. However, they have found a building now in busy Far East Plaza in Chinatown. The place serves amazing dishes, and its fried chicken sandwich is simply stunning. It consists of a mammoth boneless breast along with a garlicky and thickly crunchy crust, which is dexterously spiced along with traditional cayenne, ghost pepper, habanero, and intense red savina. The bun is buttered and toasted as well, and all this stuff is balanced by cole slaw, sliced pickles, and spicy sauce.

The Bellwether

The Bellwether is a promising new restaurant in Studio City. There are extensive options on the brunch menu but the one that distinguishes itself from the rest is ‘Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich’. One finds delicious layers of crispy chicken topped with house-made yummy pimento cheese and a tangy tomato chow chow that are served on a delicious buttery roll.


The fried chicken sandwich goes by the name Chicken Milanese here. It is basically an Italian variant consisting of perfectly crisp, breadcrumb-crusted yummy chicken cutlet that is excellently topped with a puntarelle slaw, prosciutoo cotto, spicy mayo, and pepperoncini, and a perfectly soft homemade brioche bun.

M Con

M Con is located in Beverly Grove and introduces a Taiwanese twist to traditional fried chicken sandwich. There is a deep-fried and flattened organic chicken breast which is topped with sweet mayo, pickled mustard greens, and cilantro. All this goes along with homemade scallion bun.

Barrel And Ashes

The fried chicken sandwich is aptly labelled here as ‘The Best Damn Chick’n Sandwich Y’ever Had”. The fried and crispy chicken is served along with jalapenos, pimento cheese, and cole slaw. On top of this, all this is served on a buttery and fluffy milk roll, which makes for a perfect combination.

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