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Los Angeles Restaurants That Have Recipes To Cure The Nagging Hangover

Los Angeles Restaurants That Have Recipes To Cure The Nagging Hangover

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So, you have had the best time of your life with your friends as you tried to have that extra booze in order to extend your stay with your pals. However, you are restless after the late night and you feel like your whole body is experiencing the nagging pains and cramps. The experience is too ugly and harrowing as one is bound to get that nauseating behaviour if they are unable to have something that could rescue them from that situations. Thankfully, people of LA don’t have to undergo such a hard time as there are perfect hangover restaurants that are going to satiate your palate and provide you the most sought after relaxation and rest that you desire. Here is a list of such restaurants in LA.

Chori-Man In Downtown

There is no other better place it seems other than Chori-Man that serves delicious meals to the people who flock here on Saturday mornings especially. The scrumptious burritos that are perfectly griddled are served along with fried eggs, artisanal chorizo, red onions that are perfectly pickled, seasoned potatoes, etc. The food is best to overpower the nauseating feelings and put one to sleep as soon as they get to home.

Aqui Es Texcoco In Commerce

Fun of last night now never needs to be controlled as Aqui Es Texcoco has all the recipes in the world to wipe out the effects of hangover. The menu abounds in such dishes, but the most amazing one is lamb barbacoa that is cooked very slowly. This is served along with rich consommé and corn tortillas that are served warm. The barbacoa gives one the authentic taste of Mexican flavour and completely changes the pathetic experience that one has otherwise of hangovers.

Balam Mexican Kitchen In Lynwood

The restaurant has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving tacos of great variety. There are Korean tacos that are served along with bulgogi sirloin, and then one could also find the Tropical taco that comes with coconut shrimp. Moreover, there is the perfect antidote to hangover it seems in the garb of menudo, the beef stew that is full of tripe and pata de res. Moreover, menudo’s bowl also consists of other fixings including chopped onion, lime, red chillies, and dried oregano that simply bust the nasty hangover.

Calo Provisions In Boyle Heights

Efforts of chef Ted Montoya have definitely bore fruits as the restaurant is now famous to provide excellent dishes, including the hot-favourite pozole that comes with a variety of toppings including soft-boiled egg that is perfectly cooked, queso fresco, roasted pepitas, etc. One could go for a variety of chicken or pork, or simply go with pozoles.

Coni’ Seafood In Inglewood

Well, the restaurant seems to have magical powers as one completely forgets about their embarrassing behaviour previous night as soon as they come to senses after taking breakfast here. There is also a possibility that people like to drink more just to experience the thrill of overpowering their negative emotions. Whatever it is, but the menu offers the best dishes to the visitors including fresh shrimp that is served along with sliced red onion, chilly jalapeno salsa, to name a few.

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