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LA’s Topmost Contemporary Art Galleries That Tourists Must Visit

LA’s Topmost Contemporary Art Galleries That Tourists Must Visit

People Are Staring At The Paintings

Los Angeles is a great tourist spot that attracts millions of tourist every year. What is best about the place is that it has a dazzling array of hot attractions. Tourists are always stunned to witness great art schools here that have a number of creative and innovative artworks. Further, the place is characterized by warm weather, large galleries, etc. The place has a great number of talented artists who are working tirelessly to capture the true essence of LA. Here is a list of some of the original and top quality contemporary galleries in LA that are a treat to watch.

Susanne Vielmetter

Susanne Vielmetter’s exhibitions offer pleasant surprise to visitors as the gallery exhibits innovative and experimental artefacts prepared by internationally as well as locally known artists. The exhibitions are projected in the form of installations, film projections, and wall displays. The gallery has always enjoyed a great popularity, ever since its inception in 2000.

M+B Art

M+B Art Gallery is an unassuming spot; however, the place has some of the most amazing collections of photographs. So, it is a small but elegantly maintained gallery. The best part is that it houses exhibits from both established as well as young artists. The gallery is particularly famous for paintings, which capture unrestrained adventure exhibited by people in the period of transition.

Honor Fraser Gallery

Honor Fraser is an art dealer based in California, who used to be a fashion model in Britain earlier. The gallery was open to public in 2006 when it first exhibited the collections at Venice Beach. However, Culver City is its new address now. The gallery appeals the aesthetic sensibility of people by presenting the latest contemporary artwork besides highlighting the established practices.

Overduin And Kite

Overduin And Kite Gallery came up with the efforts of Kristina Kite and Lisa Overduin. The main focus of both these art enthusiasts was for the conceptual art. It is an unmistakable spot on Sunset Boulevard, and is among the most innovative and outstanding galleries in LA. Both these people have a focus upon the commercial aspect as well, since they want their artists to build their careers enthusiastically.


ACME came up with efforts of Randy Sommer and Robert Gunderman who were interested in motivating artists to make provocative artworks. Some of the exhibitions here include drawings, paintings, sculpture, prints, installation works, and videos.

Michael Kohn Gallery

Michal Kohn Gallery is a unique gallery as it has some of the exceptional exhibits here that are historically important. So, it gives a platform to the budding contemporary artists to stay connected with their rich cultural heritage and great art history. The museum always has exhibitions from world class artists like Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and Jay Defeo, to name a few. Moreover, there are shows by mid career and emerging artists such as Christof Yvore, Walton Ford, and Darren Waterston, to name a few.

Marc Selwyn Fine Art

Marc Selwyn Fine Art Gallery exhibits works from contemporary artists from Europe and America. The best part is that tourists get to see great experimental work by young artists, as well as conceptual artwork by established artists.

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