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Finest French Restaurants In Los Angeles Serving Amazingly Authentic Dishes

Finest French Restaurants In Los Angeles Serving Amazingly Authentic Dishes

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Los Angeles has always had a great community of Frenchmen, who have continued to provide the people of LA with amazing quality food, besides showing a great shade of their culture. This has made LA a truly great destination for the tourists as well since they get to taste authentic French dishes. The area around Union Station was earlier inhabited by French people; and, luckily these people have now spread across the whole LA, and are serving the people here. So, here is a list of some of the finest French restaurants in LA that offer the best dining experience.


Melisse in Santa Monica is a tremendous hit among the elites, who never miss a chance to immortalize their precious occasions by dining at this flawless restaurant. Right from the food to the service, everything is unsurpassed. Chef Josiah Citrin’s experience and creativity go a long way in ensuring that the dishes are done to perfection. He gives such an imaginative flair to the traditional techniques of preparation that visitors are left completely baffled. However, they love such pleasant surprises and savour the amazing taste of French dishes including caviar topped eggs, and foie grass, to name a few.


Spring in Downtown is such a pleasant addition to the dining scene. It has come up with the strenuous efforts of State and Church, who are already quite famous in the Arts District. What intrigue the visitors is the lovely interiors of the restaurant as they are greeted with beautiful atrium along with pepper trees and a fountain at the center. The menu basically reflects Mediterranean inflected and vegetable driven dishes. However, there are other options as well, since one could relish such amazing dishes as Burgundy snails that come along with fennel and tomato, seared and scrumptious duck breast that is served along with tiny vegetables, fennel and saffron. Moreover, there is a dazzling array of cocktails and oysters as well.


Papilles is basically an inconspicuous spot in a mall that makes it quite underrated. However, if one forgets the ratings and simply steps in to get the first-hand experience of the dishes served here, then one would be able to realize how deceiving the ratings could be! Well, Chef Tim Carey is there to prove his worth by expertly preparing amazing French dishes including scallops that are served with chanterelles, flat iron steak, etc.


Bouchon in Beverley Hills is a popular spot among the foodies. The dishes churn out by the experienced chef Thomas Keller never fail to entrance the visitors, who are visibly impressed and overpowered by such dishes as country pate, croque madame, steak frites, roast chicken, buttermilk fried chicken, etc.

Petit Trois

Petit Trois is always teeming with visitors, thanks to the endeavours of the expert chefs Jon Shook, Ludo Lefebvre, and Vinny Dotolo who serve such compellingly delicious dishes as confit-fried delectable chicken leg, scrumptious steak tartare, and matchless omelette, to name a few.


Patina is one of those spots that have continued to give life to the traditional fine dining. The chef here Paul Lee has a vast experience of working in top class European restaurants, so one could expect to savour tremendously gorgeous classic French dishes at the restaurant.

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