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Exploring LA’s Incredible Waterfall Hikes Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

Exploring LA’s Incredible Waterfall Hikes Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

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While most of the tourists know about the glittering buildings, amazing architectural buildings, and a dazzling array of markets and entertainment complexes in LA, there is a whole range of parks, canyons, forests, and nature preserves as well here that offer great respite from the hectic life of city. Moreover, there are countless hikes that one could embark upon to soak in great views of the surroundings; however, few of those hikes become extraordinary since they offer a chance to visitors to witness the waterfall as well. So, here are great waterfall hikes that one could explore while being in LA.

The Grotto

The Grotto is an unassuming spot which is hard to locate as it is surrounded by great rocks on all four sides. It has a number of challenging hikes for tourists; however, they are worthy exploring since tourists get a chance to witness breathtaking views of the surroundings. Besides, there is a mini waterfall as well, just at the base of the Grotto.

Switzer Falls

Switzer Falls is located in San Gabriel Mountains, and is perhaps the easiest hikes as far as seeing a waterfall is concerned. One is taken through trails that go through the pristine oak trees. Besides, there is the melodious sound of the stream running nearby as well. The whole atmosphere is simply surreal.

Trail Canyon Falls

Trail Canyon Falls is a tranquil trail that extends four miles, and is full of gorgeous greenery, and stream crossings. One is ultimately taken to the spot where one could see the views of waterfall that descend from a height of 30 feet.

Paradise Falls

The best part about Paradise Falls is that they flow throughout the year. So, one is greeted with great views of the waterfall whenever they embark upon the trail.

Monrovia Falls

Monrovia Falls is another great spot to visit in San Gabriel Mountains that greets the tourists with the waterfall all throughout the year because of the underground spring that helps in flow of water in all seasons. So, this continuous availability of water also ensures the ubiquitous presence of foliage throughout the year, thereby offering a shaded and well-sought after canopy to the visitors. Moreover, tourists get to see all these amazing features in just two-mile trail.

Eaton Canyon Falls

Eaton Canyon Falls is for the adventure loving people who love to traverse through the rugged and rocky terrain. The spot is, however, loved by the families as they all love to explore the natural beauty of the spot. Besides, one is greeted with the waterfall cascading from a height of 40 feet.

Fish Canyon Falls

Fish Canyon Falls has all sorts of pleasant surprises for the visitors, since one is greeted with breathtaking scenery as soon as they cross the metal bridge located at Fish Canyon Creek. The trail is narrow and has a number of poison oaks; so, one needs to be cautious of this and wear long pants while trekking. Besides, there is the biggest surprise as there is three-tiered waterfall which is a great sight to visit. Tourists are invariably satisfied after meandering through these trails.

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